Sally & Phil

Hestercombe Gardens, Taunton

A gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony in the stunning grounds of Hestercombe Gardens in Taunton.

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Having a lovely, photogenic couple in such a beautiful venue is just a photographer’s dream and this wedding at Hestercombe Gardens was just that! It was such a special, unique day for Sally and Phil; with storms forecast all day, the weather threatened to ruin the outdoor ceremony they had planned in the grounds of Hestercombe Gardens but against ALL odds, it was actually a beautiful, sunny day! 

It was such a wonderfully unique wedding day, and they chose to get married in the temple overlooking the grounds of this amazing venue, with an amazing walk past lakes and forests to get there. The ceremony felt incredibly intimate despite there being nearly 100 guests there, and everyone stood around smiling and emotional as these two were officially married. It felt especially lovely with the guitarist there to serenade them as well!

Afterwards, all the guests headed down for the reception but I took a slower walk with the new bride and groom and we stopped in many spots along the way for their wedding photos. My particular favourite is the spectacular waterfall which really looks magical! It was not difficult to a take photos of these two as they were so happy and natural with each other. Arriving back at the reception in the grounds of the Orangery, Sally and Phil were greeted by an enthusiastic confetti tunnel, and after a few drinks we did the formal group shots in the amazing grounds.

Their wedding decorations in the wedding breakfast hall looked spectacular and was filled with private jokes and thoughtful touches. My particular favourite were the S&P salt and pepper decorations for their names – Sally and Phil! After the speeches, food and a few more drinks, we headed back out in to the formal gardens for  more wedding photos in the last of the evening light. Unfortunately, this is when the storms decided to hit and we had to take shelter under some trees to hide from the rain! This didn’t bother them in the slightest and we ended with some fun brolly photos in the downpour.

It was a really special, unique and wonderful day for these two, and I wish them all the happiness in the future!