Emily & Duncan

Rookery Manor, Weston Super Mare

A lovely half day spent with these two wonderful people at their wedding at Rookery Manor!

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It was an absolutely pleasure to spend the afternoon with the gorgeous and lovely Emily & Duncan. I was only with them for a few hours but in that time it was so amazing to witness their love for each other and their family during the ceremony and their wedding photos! One of the most touching moments was their little boy interrupting the ceremony and Emily picking him up and carrying him through the vows and the exchange of the wedding rings. Taking them off for their wedding photos was so much fun, and you can see how much they giggled and laughed the whole time which was so great to capture naturally! Not much need for prompts with these two. Rookery Manor was the perfect setting for their wedding day, and after a bit of a turbulent start to the day with the weather, it turned in to a glorious (if not a bit windy!) afternoon. I was sad to leave them just as they sat down for their wedding breakfast, but I knew I had so many lovely shots of these two and I’m glad I was there to capture it for them.