Chloe & Ryan

Ta Mills, Cornwall

Chloe and Ryan's small, dog-friendly Covid wedding at Ta Mills barns in Launceston.

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It’s really nice to see couples taking Covid seriously when it came to planning weddings in 2020. Chloe and Ryan had to adjust their plans a couple of times to be compliant with updating regulations and in the end, ditched their big wedding in the Cotswolds for a micro wedding in Cornwall with literally just their immediate family. It was still a fun day and they packed as many wedding traditions as possible into their small day so it still felt like a special occasion.

As I was driving to the venue, my heart sank as I battled through hail and rain to get there. Luckily, although it was still a very chilly day, it brightened up and we were lucky enough to get a lovely golden hour for their wedding photos!

In the morning I wandered in between Chloe and Ryan for the getting ready photos and was thrilled to see their two dogs wearing the cutest little wedding outfits as well! The ceremony was in one of the barns and was a lovely intimate affair. There were definitely a few tears around!

They held their drinks reception outside for safety – it was definitely cold but I think a few drinks warmed every body up! I took Chloe & Ryan off around the beautiful venue for their photos although we had to be a bit careful as the constant rain had made the grounds very muddy. It was honestly a miracle it wasn’t raining on their day! We did a private cake cutting and first dance for them as those traditions weren’t allowed when there were too many people in the room. It was actually nice just having a bit of time to themselves!

The wedding breakfast took place back in the barn, and it was lovely and relaxed. I grabbed Chloe and Ryan again for two minutes to take a few shots with everything lit up in the dark and then took a few natural photos of them and their family having fun. I left them to enjoy the rest of their night!